ATS Roundtable: Community, Ethics, and the State

We discuss a variety of topics, including concepts of indigenous anarchism, decentralized tribal nations, and the tribal model of organization.

Attack the System

ATS Round Table
Community, Ethics, and the State

December 22, 2013

ATS contributors Todd Lewis, Vince Rinehart, Jeremy Weiland, and Keith Preston participate in a panel discussion on moral philosophy, social organization, and the state.

Topics include:

  • Methods of social organization in traditional religious and tribal communities prior to the rise of the modern state.
  • Varying approaches to social ethics and the underlying philosophical traditions.
  • The absence of community in the consumerist, technological, highly mobile societies of the present.
  • Contending views of human nature and the implications of these for social organization.

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About Vince

I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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