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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Haida Gwaii CoASt thinks JRP recommendation is shameful, but not surprising

Originally posted on Communities Against Super Tankers:
HAIDA GWAII: Haida Gwaii CoASt is disappointed that the JRP approved Enbridge’s pipeline that would bring oil supertankers to Northern BC. Island communities came together to participate in the hearings and almost 200 spoke…

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ATS Roundtable: Community, Ethics, and the State

Originally posted on Attack the System:
ATS Round Table Community, Ethics, and the State December 22, 2013 ATS contributors Todd Lewis, Vince Rinehart, Jeremy Weiland, and Keith Preston participate in a panel discussion on moral philosophy, social organization, and the…

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False Lightning and the Pain of Assimilation

By Frank Hopper I remember being dragged to ANS meetings when I was a little boy. My mom would bundle me up and take me on the number 20 bus to downtown Seattle and from there we’d transfer to Madison … Continue reading

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Rare Tlingit War Helmet Discovered at Springfield Science Museum

Originally posted on Welcome to the AAA Blog:
SPRINGFIELD, MA – Stored on a shelf for over 100 hundred years, a rare anthropological treasure was recently discovered in the Springfield Science Museum’s permanent collections. Museum Director David Stier, who has…

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Animated Tlingit Stories

Here’s a great series of short, animated Tlingit stories. Each video comes in three versions: English subtitles, Tlingit subtitles, or no subtitles. If you are starting with the basics in Lingít X̱ʼéináx̱ Sá: Say It in Tlingit! then some of … Continue reading

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The myth of the ‘peaceful’ warrior

Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
Apache warriors, armed and ready to fight, with Geronimo on right. by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, Dec 13, 2013 A warrior is a person who prepares for and engages in warfare or fighting, not for…

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