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ATS Roundtable: Gangs and the Lumpenproletarian Class Base of Anti-System Struggle

I participated in a round table discussion at Attack the System on gangs. I view them as proto-tribes; decentralized networks of autonomous clicks and sets that share a common culture and history within a wider gang “nation” such as the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on George Zimmerman and John T. Williams

by Frank Hopper As the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman was announced on July 13 I couldn’t help thinking about a similar shooting here in Seattle that was also caused by racial profiling, the shooting of First Nations carver … Continue reading

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Three Kick Ass Pan Secessionist Societies from the History Books

Originally posted on Attack the System:
By Spencer Pearson One of the major objections to the idea of pan secessionism deployed by critics is that it is “unrealistic”.  Which is to suggest that there is no way such a society…

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4th of You-Lie

Savage Family and Antithesis team up. Savage Family and Antithesis together as one “Warrior’s Alliance Earth’s Army” sneak preview. The beat is Ja Rule’s Clap Back. On the 4th of July most people view the sound of fireworks as a … Continue reading

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Murrawarri people declare independence from Australia

Someone tell The Republic of Lakotah! They could formally recognize one another.

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Cascadia 2063

Originally posted on Occupied Cascadia:
It was the grasslands that made it; most of the forests had burned.  For all their planning and preparation, no one expected that the Big One would have done most of their work for them. …

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Happy 4th of JuLIE!

Also known as “Overthrow the Government Day!”

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