Entrapped Haida Hunter Stands Trial in Juneau

Roger Alexander

Sherman Roger Alexander vs. United States

case; 1:12-cr-00004-LCL
Court date: Thursday January 17th, 2013
Federal Building Juneau, AK
Top Floor 3pm

Sherman Roger Alexander was entrapped by the federal government through the sale of a significantly altered sea otter skin.

A sting was set up and executed on October 1, 2008 where 13 law officers from around the country came into Sherman and Ellen’s home in Ketchikan Alaska at 7:00AM. The officers confiscated approximately 50 sea otter pelts which were not yet tagged.

The raid not only diminished the fur supply of “Soft Gold Furs”, Roger and Ellen’s business, but it also broke the spirit and livelihood of their award winning teamwork. Because of the raid Roger and Ellen had to shut down their business.

Shortly thereafter several very similar stories emerged from communities all around Southeast Alaska, which is the traditional tribal territory of the Haida, Tsimshian and Tlingit tribes.

They treated our native craftsmen and craftswomen the same as kingpins or drug lords by bringing in 75 city state and federal officers from around the county to make our tradition bearers to look like criminals.

Roger and Ellen have spent near $20,000 in lawyer fees and travel costs to meet with court and federal officials and have been threatened into taking a plea bargain. (see pictures)

Roger has not received any support from local tribal corporations organizations or entities.

Please show some support for native hunters by making your presence known in the court room in Juneau this Thursday, January 17th.

You can write letters of support on behalf of Haida hunter fisher furrier Sherman Roger Alexander.

Testimonies are possible but names must be pre determined and notified to the judge by Sherman’s lawyer.

There will be a private meeting with the lawyer Roger and Ellen BEFORE the court sentencing at a location TBA

We appreciate any support you can provide. This case is nothing new in the eyes of native people who’ve had to continually struggle with laws set up to make a traditional way of life vanish.

Gunalcheesh Howaa T’oykshin

plea agreement and further details available upon request for letters of support.



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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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