Reclaiming of Ancestral Lands

The Palestinians show us how it’s done. I’ll know we are on our way to true tribal territorialism and tribal nations when we start building new villages and rebuilding old villages in “restricted” state and federally “owned” lands.

A Palestinian Tent Encampment to Thwart Israeli Settlement Expansion

‘without permits from the occupation, without permission from anyone, sit here today because this is our land and it is our right to inhabit it’

Palestinian activists set up on January 11, 2013 an ‘outpost’ named Bab al-Shams (‘gate of the sun’) in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, between Jerusalem and the Jewish settlement of Maale Adumim (background), in an area Israel said it would build thousands of new settler homes. Six weeks ago, Israel announced plans to build thousands of settler homes in the largely uninhabited E1 area, in a move which sparked a global outcry. E1 falls within Area C of the West Bank which is under full Israeli civilian and security control and where Palestinians find it almost impossible to obtain building permits. (AFP Photo/Abbas Momani)


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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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2 Responses to Reclaiming of Ancestral Lands

  1. Kent Gooch says:

    Unfortunately you are missing the fact that the Jews were in Israel almost 6000 years ago and have returned to it. Therefor they are in fact in the same position that Native Americans are and the Palestinians are the encroachers! The Israelis were kicked out and dispersed throughout Europe by the Romans and persecuted by the Europeans (sound familiar?) Take your example from the Israelis NOT the Palestinians.

    • Vince says:

      I’m more interested in the tactics involved here than who was there first and has legitimate claim to the land. The current political/social position of the Indigenous in North America more closely resembles the Palestinians. They are more or less a stateless people fighting a Nation State over territory which is more or less the position that most Native tribes are in. Thank you for commenting.

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