I can’t recommend Zig Zag’s blog enough for an alternative perspective on Idle No More. Here he lays out the troubling relationship with Band Councils with the colonial Canadian government. A similar relationship exists on the US side between various Native institutions that receive legitimacy and/or funding from the US Government. These sorts of institutions are alien to our traditional way of life. They are hierarchical institutions that are ultimately beholden to the US and Canadian governments. This is in stark contrast to our traditional form of self governance which was always a decentralized alliance of autonomous bands, clans, villages, kindship groups and families.

Warrior Publications

by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, January 7, 2013Grassroots fist logo

Debates arising from the recent Idle No More movement have revealed two main interpretations of what comprises the grassroots.  One seeks to exclude band councils, while the other views chiefs & councillors as an integral part of the grassroots, simply by virtue of them being members of the community.  Clearly, we need some basic understanding of what constitutes the grassroots in order to advance our movement.

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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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