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Originally posted on Warrior Publications:
Women jingle dress dancers at INM rally in Ottawa, Jan 28, 2013. Idle No More’s Jan 28 Global Day of Action by Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, January 30, 2013 January 28 was Idle No More’s…

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More self defense against drug cartels in Mexico

Last week in a discussion on gun control on Native America Calling I was asked whether or not I thought a community could actually defend itself against attack in this day and age. I answered that we could do it … Continue reading

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‘De-colonization’ vs. ‘conscientization’ or ‘consciousness-raising’

The following is an excerpt of the keynote address given by Graham Smith at the Alaskan Federation of Natives (AFN) Convention in October of 2003. The whole speech is required reading for indigenous people, in my opinion. It can be … Continue reading

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Black Riders for Liberation are in Oakland Policing the Police..

Community policing by the people for the people. Covering police stops, evictions and more. For more info go to Hip Hop and Politics.

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Originally posted on The Connectivist:
To give more depth to what I wrote in ‘Crisis 2’ about the “corridor community” in the [North West of the USA, West coast of Canada and the coastal area of Alaska]; here is a…

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Originally posted on Decolonization:
by Eric Ritskes What are the terms of engagement for the resurgence of Indigenous nationhood? Last night, Kahnawake Mohawk scholar Taiaiake Alfred, in an #IdleNoMore forum hosted by the Indigenous Governance (IGOV) program at the University of Victoria…

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Cornel West on Obama

I’m obviously behind on this as it is from last week. But Cornel West touches on so many important points that display the hypocrisy of the system. A system that attempts to take the people’s heroes, shine them up, and … Continue reading

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