Free Nations Day

Next October let’s celebrate Free Nations Day and reclaim the idea that Nations are not about artificially created borders and states; they are voluntary groupings of free individuals. The Native use of the word “Nations” is in reference to our Tribal Nations: autonomous clans, bands, kinship groups, villages and communities existing in a decentralized network of cultural, political and economic alliances. We are the antithesis of so called “Nation” States.

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I am a Tlingit, born and raised in Tlingit Country, and a proud member of the Tlingit Nation.
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  1. Vince says:

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  2. Wow. This seems to be hitting at a root cause of the left/right division. I expect there will be a shit storm from the lefties when they realize that NA may be involved, but good! “Nation” is the most loaded word I know, and I’ve been embracing it as a reclaiming act against “Nationalism”. We need lot’s of controversy stirring up some critical thinking here, as such a taboo subject is so vital, but this issue has been dead in the water for years. I’m actually working on an “autonomist dictionary” to give exegesis on words like “Nation”, “Sovereignty”, “Property”, “Indigenous” and “Race”.

    I think having a language is one of the most crucial aspects of defining a “Nation”. It kind of destroys the racism bit, but then reduces the definition being used by the Free Nations Day folks to “Tribe”. For instance, I consider my “Nation” to be Irish, because my name is the name of a river (a specific place) spoken in the language of my ancestors who come from that specific place. Cascadian would be more of my “Tribe”, which is why I think “Cascadian Nationalism”, “Black Nationalism”, and “White Nationalism” are oxymorons. The first is neocolonial nation-statism, and the later two are reactionary modes of communal self-defence to institutionalized, race based exclusion (this is why only hella-poor marginalized white people go for the neo-nazi shit).

    But it would be a flop to create a “Free Tribes Day”, eh!? And challenging the UN’s use of the word “Nation” is poignantly valid. As Ward Churchill likes to point out: the UN should actually be called the “United States”, but it seems the name was taken! And redeeming the use of the word “Nation” is key for the bioregional decolonization of Cascadia, because this would liberate all the Indigenous Nations of Cascadia and defeat the logic that Cascadia can or should be a nation-state. This positions bioregionalism as a means of destroying the nation-state (the original anarchist-commie pipe dream) and destroying globalization and economic totalitarianism (the libertarian/alternative-right MO). Woo-hoo, everybody wins! And nobody burns to death in the melting pot.

    Good stuff here. Should be “unsettling” for everybody. Autonomy & Solidarity!!!!

    • Vince says:

      I think you’re dead on as far as ethno-nationalism goes. It is extraordinarily reactionary. I can’t believe you just acknowledged that poor, marginalized white people experience race based exclusion! I agree, and that’s the interesting thing about the experience of lower classes, the system can simultaneously oppress multiple groups of people for a variety of conflicting reasons. This is one of the reasons Attack The System/American Revolutionary Vanguard is open to courting WN’s. They are extremely marginalized in today’s society and in that regard are just another social/racial/class minority under the thumb of the system. Of course none of us hopes that they attain any level of state power (in fact, we don’t want anyone to achieve that); but that’s never going to happen in the foreseeable future, anyway. We view National Anarchism as a sort of antidote to ethno-nationalism; that is an umbrella under which various tribes can respect one another’s right to self determination. This idea would extend, of course, to all tribes, nations, and other people’s who group themselves along whatever lines they choose, including bioregionalism. I suspect that in a more free society race or ethnicity would be one of dozens of categories around which people might group themselves voluntarily. So instead of, say, supporting Northwest Front’s bid to create a totalitarian state (I’d probably fight to the death against them) we’d much rather steal their potential recruits out from under them and get them busy building their own tribes and communities and respect their neighbor’s right to do the same.

      A good example is Native Tribes. One could argue that we are all one race, but in pre-contact times there was no concept of race. Our tribes and “nations,” if you will, were linguistic and/or cultural groupings. They weren’t even always groupings by lineage. Various Tlingit Clans, for instance, trace their lineage and story back to different regions and different migrations into what is now Tlingit Aani. A huge part of our culture is the origination of each clan as distinctly separate from all of the other major Tlingit Clans. Yet, depending on the context, we all self identify as members of the Tlingit Tribe, and sometimes as members of the Tlingit Nation, though that is a more modern, non native concept. The fluidity of our identity, which depends on context, makes me think that any sort of race based tribe or nation (under this reclaimed use of the term) is just a superficial part of a people’s identity. White people aren’t going to just suddenly embrace their ethnic heritage and all become one huge movement; there are too many tribes and nations among white people that are culturally distinct from one another to do that. The only way to accomplish this is through a totalitarian state forcing a manufactured tribe, nation or identity upon the people it controls and driving out people who can’t or won’t conform. But as we all know, Nazi Germany lost to liberal capitalism. As much as the anarchist left would love to resurrect their old enemy, fascism is clearly dead. Instead what holds together the US is a rather shaky alliance of multiculturalism and predatory resource extraction and complimentary, mindless consumerism. It rests on the idea that we are all superficially the same: interchangeable voters, interchangeable consumers, interchangeable office drones, interchangeable burger flippers. But as you and I know (at least) the days of the Nation State are numbered. What do we replace it with?

      To me bioregionalism fits into this picture rather nicely. I don’t expect Cascadians to fly the National Anarchist Flag anymore than I expect my people to (I’m not a National Anarchist,) or anymore than I expect my people to fly the Cascadian flag, even. Still, the overarching philosophy that I think will set us free is the fluidity of identity and acknowledgement of the right to self determination of groupings of people: bioregions, tribes, whatever. To me this is how we, as you say, break the Nation State, globalization and economic totalitarianism.

      That got a bit ranty, but you can expect me to be flying a Cascadian flag alongside my clan crest next October 24th. I hope to be joined by as many other people for self determination as possible.

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